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Trusted is an international inspection services provider registered in Egypt since 1999. With full accreditation & qualification, Trusted is now one of the biggest local inspection company at Egypt. We have been awarded as the Most Trusted Inspection Company by governmental authority.

As an independent third-party inspection company, Trusted has a sound inspection network covering all ports in Egypt, Our qualified full-time inspectors are well trained, reliable and experienced in inspection for a wide product range. In 2018, more than 1000 importers, exporter and buyers all over the world benefited from trusted inspection services, and we conducted over 150 inspections per month.

Besides inspection services, Trusted also provides buyers with supplier evaluation, laboratory testing & certification services. Trusted’s in house labs are located in Egypt.

Our Mission:

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

From its inception the mission of Trustedis to provide their clients by full integrated services to the exporters, importers, manufactures, governmental, financial, ship’s owner, P&I club, insurance company and international inspection company

We strive to provide them with an optimal value including competitive pricing, customer service and reliability


We have a lot of services that serve your business !

Inspection Services

Inspection services to the steel industry include safe full loading and discharge supervision of hot and cold rolled steel coil, finished and semi-finished steel products. Inspection services determine the quantity and quality of steel products either by weighing, sampling, testing and measurement or through visual observation.

 TMS certifies the quantity and quality of ferrous, non-ferrous, electronic or plastic scrap material conforms to all contractual terms, conditions and also including all international regulations such as ISRI.

Digital photographic evidence will be provided for all Pre-shipment Inspection and Proof on Arrival for scrap metal inspection

TMS is a leading agricultural inspection body, to protect our clients’ interests and reputations, we offer the full range of agricultural commodity inspection services of food safety, quality and sustainability solutions to help you grow consumer confidence and a sustainable business, mitigate risk, and improve efficiency at every stage of the value chain.

Our agricultural Inspectors scrutinize all agricultural food products and processing methods to ensure that these products are safe to eat or drink. They must also have a vast knowledge of FDA regulations so they can properly enforce the rules. When they find that everything is up to standard, they are often in charge of issuing official grades. However, when they discover a problem, our Inspectors must then swiftly take action to ensure that the issue is remedied before contaminated products are sold to the public.

Container loading is a critical step in the delivery of your goods. Even a good quality product if it is loaded incorrectly can be poor quality or even unsalable when it arrives. You could also end up with another customer’s products, incorrect quantities, wet goods/gift boxes or a wide variety of other defects directly related to poor loading conditions.

TMS takes steps to make sure that you receive “your” products and that they are in the same condition that they were when loading began.

The following points are included in CLS:

·  Quantity and assortment

·  Correct products

·  Condition of containers

·  Supervising proper loading

·  Condition of export cartons

·  Delaying loading during inclement weather

·  Shipping marks

·  Client special requirements

Container Loading Supervision is an important step in receiving quality goods

DPI inspections are used to check the product early on in production and make sure that they conform to the client’s standards. As production is continued these defects can be addressed so that the defect rate for the rest of production is lowered.

Also we are able to check the production schedule and confirm that the products will be ready according to your shipment schedule. Don’t let your shipment be delayed due to reworking or bad shipments.  

The below sections and points are covered in a DPI Inspection.

·  Quantity

·  Marking & Labeling

·  Workmanship

·  Client Special Requirement

·  On-Site Tests

·  Semi-finished product check

·  Product Specification

·  Raw materials check

·  Packing


When undertaking an industrial manufacturing project you have to consider a range of factors that can influence your success. As a world leader in project management, we offer you extensive experience in all aspects of industrial manufacturing projects to help you reduce technical risks, prevent errors, analyze failures, control budgets and keep your project within the planned schedule.

TMS improves safety at work by inspecting processes, equipment and infrastructures. Our aim is to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of our customer’s assets.

Our knowledge and experience is supporting our clients to ensure regulatory compliance during the whole lifecycle of their assets through:

  • Regulatory inspection on lifting, machinery and electrical equipment, fire protection, construction control & site safety, pressure vessels, plant safety & environment
  • Condition monitoring and and Risk Based Inspection secure the lifetime and reliability of the assets (supported by NDT, advanced NDT & mechanized inspection)

We deliver independent inspection and testing services for the mineral, metal and fertiliser industries throughout the supply chain.

Poor quality metals and minerals can be costly and damaging, both for the industry and the environment. Our highly reactive network of experts and laboratories enable clients to verify product conformity and reduce risk.

Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of the supply chain. Activities include pre-shipment quality control, supervision and inspection of vessel at loading and discharge, and testing and analysis of samples.

Pre-Shipment Inspections are a most effective inspection that confirms the whole shipment’s quality level. It normally requires the production to be 100% complete and at least 80% of goods to be packed into cartons. The checked samples are randomly selected according to AQL standard.

Each product is different and has a wide variety of defects that can occur. Our inspectors are performed using specific criteria based on each product’s style, function, specifications and other important information

The below sections and points are covered in a Pre-Shipment Inspection.

·  Quantity

·  Packing

·  Workmanship

·  Marking & Labeling

·  On-Site Tests

·  Client Special Requirement

·  Product Specification


Marine services

On/off-hire bunker surveys: Notably for these surveys it is necessary that the surveyor in question is steadfast, thus not easily influenced, so that the vessel will be delivered to time charterers/redelivered to her owners with a correctly certified quantity of bunkers.

Bunker supply quantity and quality surveys: Considering the present excessive bunker oil prices, we deem this type of survey absolutely necessary, in order to make sure that the quantities as mentioned on the Bunker Delivery Notes (BDN) are true and correct.



Draught and displacement surveys: One of the ways to ascertain the total loaded or discharged weight of (bulk) cargoes.

These surveys are implemented by our sworn surveyors in a two-way manner; i.e. before loading/discharge and after loading/discharge, upon which -on basis of the vessel’s draught mark readings- the vessel’s displacements are determined.

Corrections for vessel’s trim, location of draught marks and density of outboard basin water will be applied.

The difference between both corrected displacements is the loaded/discharged cargo weight; taking into consideration the ballast/potable water and fuel oil manipulations during loading/discharge.

A well conducted draught survey should achieve accuracy within 0.5%

cargo Insurance Service Our accumulated experience, broad network of correspondents in all large global ports and considerable financial capabilities enable us to offer ships owners not only the best insurance products but also financial guarantees as well as reliable reinsurance protection. In particular, to determine if the vessel is safe to sail in conditions for which it was designed, and what maintenance and repairs are required, or are likely to be required in the near future and provide a detailed report.

To protect your cargo Trusted Marine Surveyors offer a wide range of services. The surveyors of TMS are representing the customer during the provided service.TMS making sure that as a customer of buyer there will be good taking care of your cargo. During the representation we offer the possibilities to combine several services.

Marine claims

Claims settlements and claims adjusting and loss control by our qualified team and our solid knowledge by Egyptian laws and international marine laws by our CII experts


Marine insurance

Insurance survey and Offering all marine insurance policies with best insurance rates by our very good relations with local and international insurance companies and p&I clubs around world

These surveys aim to establishing the physical and operational conditions of ships for future charter or re-delivery of vessel upon end of charter. Said procedure comprehends a detailed inspection of the structural and mechanical conditions of decks, cargo holds, tanks, superstructure, engine room, cargo handling equipment and other ship’s equipment, besides her electric and hydraulic plants and verification of the validity of the certificates issued by the vessel’s Classification Society.

Handling all vessels accidents and fendering system damages vessels to ports accidents and vessels damages throw our professional claims and legal department and our qualified loss adjusters

Holds & hatch covers visual inspection, including hatch covers water tightness test by hose test or ultrasonic test if required. If any deficiency is found during holds & hatch covers survey, the same is being advised to the Master for rectification before commencement of cargo loading operation.

TMS inspect the condition of the holds checking if they are clean and odorless; to control holds cleaning at vessels scheduled to load grains. Our surveyors supervise the cleaning operations and approve the holds condition after the operation is completed at satisfaction.

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Our staff of qualified professionals remains fast and flexible with a reputation for integrity and proficiency.  Personal experience, a comprehensive understanding of the marine industry, and up-to-date technology allow us to offer efficient and competitive service to meet our clients’ needs.

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